What is a basket strainer? What does it look like?


Basket strainer is a filtration device mainly used for filtration of liquid media. It is composed of a filter screen and a supporting structure, which can effectively filter out impurities and particles in the medium and ensure the normal operation of the equipment and product quality.


Basket Strainer

Structure and working principle of basket strainer:

The structure of the basket strainer is relatively simple and mainly consists of a basket, a support structure, a filter screen and a sewage discharge device. Usually, the basket and support structure are made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long-term stable performance in liquid media.

The working principle of the basket strainer is to filter out the impurities and particulate matter in the liquid medium through the flow of the liquid medium, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying the liquid medium. When the media enters the basket from the inlet, the filter screen will filter out impurities and particles, making the media cleaner after passing through the basket strainer.

When the filter screen in the basket strainer is clogged, the filter screen needs to be cleaned through the sewage device to ensure the normal operation of the basket strainer.

Application range of basket strainer:

basket strainers are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other fields, and are mainly used to filter liquid media. In the petroleum industry, basket strainers can be used in water injection systems in oil field production, drilling fluid circulation systems, oil storage and transportation, etc. In the chemical industry, basket strainers can be used for filtration in chemical reactors, production of polymer materials, production of paints and coatings, etc.

In general, basket strainers play an important role in the field of liquid media filtration, which can effectively purify the media and ensure the normal operation of the equipment and product quality.

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