What kind of valves does the paper mill have?


A paper mill is an industrial facility that specializes in the production of paper from cellulose raw materials. They often consist of multiple processes and equipment, each requiring a different type of valve to control the flow of fluids. The following are several types of valves commonly found in paper mills:


Globe Valve: Globe valve, also known as gate valve, is one of the most common valves. They are used to control the flow of media (such as water, steam, etc.) and have the ability to completely close the fluid passage to prevent leakage.

Butterfly Valve: A butterfly valve consists of a rotating disc that controls the flow of media by rotation. They are usually used for high flow media control, such as pulp conveying.

Regulating valve: The regulating valve is used to precisely adjust the flow and pressure of the medium. In paper mills, they are often used to control pulp consistency and flow rate to ensure paper quality and production efficiency.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve: Pneumatic diaphragm valve consists of a rubber diaphragm and two valve bodies, which control the flow of fluid through pneumatic force. They are commonly used to control media containing solid particles such as pulp and wastewater.

Throttle valve: The throttle valve controls the flow rate and pressure of the medium by reducing the cross-sectional area of the fluid passage. In paper mills, they are often used to regulate the flow rate of pulp to ensure the thickness and quality of the paper.

Y-Strainer: The Y-strainer is used to filter impurities and particles in the pulp to ensure the quality of the paper. They are usually installed on the pipeline to filter and protect other equipment.

The above are just a few common valves in paper mills. In fact, there are other types of valves, such as ball valves, plug valves, etc., which play important roles in different processes and equipment. The use of these valves can ensure the safety, efficiency and controllability of the paper production process, thereby improving the production efficiency and product quality of the paper mill.

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